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Modern Oak Photo Frame Picture Poster Frames

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Important Note:  All sizes given are photo sizes and not the overall size of the frame. A picture frame is measured internally, the size of the glass and board are the picture size. The viewing window will be slightly smaller than the size given, approx 4mm of your picture will be covered on each side, this is to hold everything in place.


Moulding Dimensions: Width 30mm x  Depth 15mm

Frame Material: MDF with foil paper wrapped

Colours Available: Oak

Hanging Style: Portrait & Landscape

Frame dimensions: Frames size refers to actual plastic glass size what you are buying not the overall size of frame which is larger by 1 inch from both sides.

Stand or Hang:

1.      kick back stand of MDF board (brown colour) for stand

2.     Hooks available to hang the frames Backing

Strong MDF Backboard

Frame Sizes with stand only: 6x4" , 7x5" , 8x6" , 9x6", 9x7” , 10x8” , 11x8.5” , 11x9” , A4, 12x8” , 12x10 ,14x 10 ,14x11

Frame sizes for hang only:  16x12, 16x18, 18x12, 18x14, 20x20, 12x12, 20x10, 20x16, 20x18, 24x16, 24x18, 24x20, 24x22, 24x24, 30x20, 36x24, 50cmx40cm, 50cmx50cm, 50cmx70cm, 80cmx60cm, A3, A2, A1 and larger sizes

Glass or Plastic Glass?: We supply frames with plastic glass (Styrene).

Note: We can provide frame with glass but at request and extra postage cost

What is plastic glass?: Styrene is a low-cost lightweight and shatter-resistant glazing material.  Ideal where safety is a consideration, but does require careful handling

We are able to provide any quantity of any size with discounted prices


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